VinForum in English

VinForum is the largest Danish website about wine with over 25,000 visits per month. It was founded in 1997 by Jan P. Olsen and Jan is still writing and updating the website on a weekly basis. Because of its extensive content it is the most visible website about wine in Denmark and is found at the top of Google for most wine search terms.

Besides working with VinForum, Jan has founded WineSpot Marketing ApS. WineSpot Marketing is helping wine brands and wine companies to dominate their category online. Among its customers are some of the largest online wine retailers in Denmark and some internationally brands as well.

WineSpot Marketing can help you with the following:

  • Find the right distributor for your wine in the Danish market.
  • Analyse the market for your wine in Denmark (both online and in-store)
  • Create an online presence in Denmark and other European countries – independently of your distributor – you are in control.
  • Make you dominate your category or market online

You can read more about our services at WineSpot Marketing or you can contact Jan P. Olsen at

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